Drift streets japan как сделать много денег


Drift streets japan как сделать много денег

Billie Eilish – No Time To Die (Audio)

Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now: smarturl.it/NoTimeToDie
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See NO TIME TO DIE – in theaters April 2020.
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Пьяный Обозреватель 18 horas atrás

Такая – Лана Дел рей в новом формате

Pls Help Me Hit 1K Subs B4 15th Feb 18 horas atrás

Billie: no time to die Me: but everyone dies someday Bille: they just join another world Me:oh

bepis hjsjd 18 horas atrás

Killa K 11 18 horas atrás

Sandro Zotelli 18 horas atrás

Trastamarian 18 horas atrás

Never listened to Billie before, but I’m a Bond fan and this is pretty good.

Farrah Mauwee 18 horas atrás

100 Roses 18 horas atrás

This girl is on another level. Legendary.

Rttn Mlk 18 horas atrás

No one else is astonished with that belt that she did? I’ve NEVER heard from her

jelly beans 18 horas atrás

Everdriver 18 horas atrás

Andrew Mallen 18 horas atrás

IronChan 18 horas atrás

I must say it’s the best song for a James Bond film since Adele’s Skyfall

Mariana Ramalho 18 horas atrás

Now tell me she can’t sing

Aldo ncy 18 horas atrás

Song and theme is cool❤

ThatBoyEbe 18 horas atrás

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Wow this whole movie boutta be a banger

Tali J 18 horas atrás

Billie at 16: “I wanna die” Billie at 18: “No time to die”

THE AVOCADOS 18 horas atrás

Billie:No Time To Die Mr: *DIED IN PARADISE* Cause Her Beautiful Song

Mohamed Abdelazez 18 horas atrás

Sleeping Lullaby : *Adult* *version*

NTorak 18 horas atrás

I can’t wait to see bullets flying around and shit while the song plays in the opening credits

السيف الجنوبي – Southern Sword 18 horas atrás

brreporter.com/v/video-SLaoDw1CrVg.html / excellent with Honor’s grade

Tali J 18 horas atrás

Billie: “No time to die” Hopper: “Okay”

NTorak 18 horas atrás

“You were my life, but life is far away from fair” I’m crying because it made me think of the day when my mom passed I felt exactly like that wth

Sw3Dy 18 horas atrás

Billie 2020 : I’m the bond guy ,duh !

0_0 Tdb 0_0 18 horas atrás

3:10 it’s definitely could be the music for an epic moment in a movie

Labeling agent 18 horas atrás

What a shit song. So depresive and borring.

Nytris 18 horas atrás

facts bruv, facts

Fluf Pet 18 horas atrás

*No time to live*



Emvader Turner 18 horas atrás

Everyone has there type of music. I just can’t understand the hype about her

Blake Presley 18 horas atrás

Bad Driving in Hamilton Toronto Area 18 horas atrás

This is a good song. But does anyone else get Adele vibes?

Baddest Brooklyn 18 horas atrás

i love this song already

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Jack Hope 18 horas atrás


Patrick Stephens 18 horas atrás

Not a fan of Billie or not a fan of most modern music as u can probably tell by by icon picture but if it’s a James Bond movie then there’s execptions well done Billie also it’s not as grand like Adele wrote with the orchestras so that kinda makes me think something really sad is gunna happen at the start and it’s gunna fade into the opening credits to leave some sort of a hanger if something sad does happen at the start that’s probably hense why there’s another 00

Viviana Rugeles 18 horas atrás


xLucette 18 horas atrás

Very nice song and the end of it was

Jades Vicente 18 horas atrás

Imagine if when you “die” your just going to the next phase of “life”

Manuela Soares 18 horas atrás

2:56 oooo wtf bro

Tonya Daniels 18 horas atrás

Love love love this.

Charlotte Post 18 horas atrás

Yuppp it’s from the new bond movie. called it.

LEMON 18 horas atrás

Tylist 18 horas atrás

Sounds like Skyfall part two

Cody Schneider 18 horas atrás

Being a huge James Bond fan, ever since a kid, and having a poster hanging up in my bedroom celebrating 50 years of James Bond, I’ve got to hand it to Billie, this is a James Bond song.

Rony Reyes 18 horas atrás

S T A R R Y M A G I C 18 horas atrás

All the dislikes are how many people think that Billie shouldn’t have won the Grammys. all the likes is how many people think that she did win so deal with it XD James Bond’s new movie song

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not another weird occurrence! 18 horas atrás

No, you’re joking, this world is joking, this universe is joking! LOL hahahaha?

Androva J. 18 horas atrás

You’re mom giving birth to you

Neptune’s Child 18 horas atrás

Ardane Mendoza 18 horas atrás

I remember the adele’s skyfall

003scorn 18 horas atrás

Why is her music constantly able to give me chills

fuki fuki 18 horas atrás

Sounded like sound if silence then it sounded like bring me to life wtf?

IronChan 18 horas atrás

“My Name is Bond, James Bond” Billie: Time to die

Hazie 18 horas atrás

No time to dice

Sofia Lima 18 horas atrás

cloudy_sky_UwU 😀 18 horas atrás

Reece 18 horas atrás

Ok this is epic

Amrith Perera 18 horas atrás

damn that major/minor 7th chord at the end 3:50

Alexis 18 horas atrás

We were born to die

Sean B. 18 horas atrás

I think ms eilish dresses pretty rediculous but as she is the bond theme artist for the last bond film of my favorite bond yet ive gotta say that she did well to keep it in good form and fashion for the series



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